Warning: Do not Refrigerate! 10 Food that You should not Put in the Fridge

Growing up and being raised in a home where the Refrigerator is a necessity, people tend always tend to “put everything away” inside the fridge. When one is done doing the grocery, the fridge serves as the shelf for all of this stuff. It’s a bad habit, that should be avoided. Why? Because not all food should be put in the fridge, even  the perishables. Although milk, butter, cheese, meat and eggs are some which fit right in the fridge, do not put every perishable good together with it. Here’s 10 food that you should avoid putting in the fridge!

  1. Tomatoes

Old Farmer's Almanac

Old Farmer’s Almanac

This fruit is one of the perishables that we always, mistakenly put in fridge. Did you know that putting this inside the fridge would alter its natural state? YES! Tomatoes naturally ripens when store in just enough room temperature; and this natural process of ripening enhances the flavor and maintains the nutrients of this fruit. When put in the fridge, however, tomatoes loses its natural flavor because the cool temperature alters the ripening process. So if you want your tomatoes to be in its best state when you cook them, avoid putting them in the fridge.

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